HEikki Saari is a Finnish metal drummer

The name is Heikki Saari, I’m a +30 year old Finn from Helsinki. I’m best known of my achievements in bands Naildown, Whorion and Finntroll. I am also a former drummer of Norther, Force Majeure, Atheme One, Amberian Dawn and Virtuocity.

I started playing drums a little more actively, when I was around 5-6 years old. My father was, and still is a professional drummer, and there’s always been a lot of music in my family, so it was very obvious that I would become a musician too. There were drums at my home all the time, so it’s not a big surprise that I got myself interested in playing.

I’ve been working in various musical areas all the way from pop and folk, to rock and metal. I’m also an official endorsee of Pearl drums, SABIAN cymbals, Balbex drumsticks, Roland and Serial Drummer clothing. In my nearly 15 year long international career I’ve been performing all over the world, including South-America, South-Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Asia. I am also very experienced studio drummer, and have played various sessions in different studios such as Astia Studios, Sonic Pump Studios, Sound Supreme Studios, Petrax Studios, Rockstar Productions to name a few.

In the past 10 years I’ve recorded 11 international releases and played approximately over 500 shows.


My musical approach

As a drummer my main goal is to develop musically and play not only drums, but music. In my playing I lean everything on feel and I figure, that drums are musical instrument part of the music, not only the baseline of a song. My working method is to compose drums to support the feel and groove of the song, not to forget technical challenges that I love to set for myself.

I am used to compose drum parts on my own, although learning songs to a certain already programmed drums (mainly for session works) of a demo track is not a problem. I prefer to compose drum parts myself and I tend to think, that drummer is the best man to define what kind of drums a song needs. I’m always open to all constructive feedback and I don’t take factual feedback too personally. 

In live conditions I’m not afraid to use hard disk (to play with backing tracks) or metronome. Instead I’m very much used to play with metronome and have done so for around the last 10 years in every gig and rehearsals (ok, there might be maybe max five exceptions).

Obviously performing in front of big audiences is not a problem for me. I enjoy the feel of being able to perform in large festivals just as much I enjoy the smaller clubs or pubs.


About me as a person

As a person I’m open, but don’t accept suggestions that are against my values without adequate arguments. I see, that compromises can always be made. I’m outspoken, but not rude. I’m honest, cheery, and thankful, a perfectionist, but not unforgiving to myself. My favourite stage drink is water, and I always prepare myself to a show properly. I am not uptight, but instead I actually do have a sense of humour. :) As a person I’m best known as getting along with all kinds of people, getting things done and not whining about little things.


Whorion - The Reign of the 7th Sector (2015)

Tuoni - Kuolonpyörä (2014)

Amberian Dawn - Re-Evolution (2013)

Amberian Dawn - Circus Black (2012)

Norther - Circle Regenerated (2011)

Norther - N (2008)

Force Majeure - Endure the Cold (2008)

Hellbound - Misanthropy EP (2009)

Amberian Dawn - River of Tuoni (2008)

Norther - No Way Back (2007)

Amberian Dawn - Amberian Dawn (2006)

Atheme One - Atheme One (2005)

Virtuocity - Northern Twilight Symphony (2004)