Pearl Masters Custom MMX -96

I exclusively use and endorse Pearl drums, Balbex drumsticks, Sabian cymbals and Roland musical instruments



All Pearl MMX -series drums (*In current setup)

24x18 bassdrum
2x 18x16 bassdrum
2x 20x18 bassdrum*

6x7 racktom
8x8 racktom
10x8 racktom*
12x9 racktom*
13x10 racktom
14x11 racktom
15x13 racktom
16x16 floortom*
18x16 floortom*

Snare drums:

13x6,5 Pearl Reference Twilight Fade
13x7 Pearl Masters Custom MCX Limited Edition Black Silk
10x5 Pearl FireCracker Piano Black


13" SABIAN HH Fusion Hats
13" SABIAN Evolution Hats
18" SABIAN AA Raw Bell Crash
18" SABIAN HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash
19" SABIAN AA Holy China Brilliant
21" SABIAN AA Holy China Traditional
9" SABIAN Ice Bell
7" SABIAN HHX Evolution Splash
10" SABIAN HHX Evolution Splash
20" SABIAN HH Power Bell Ride Brilliant


6x   Pearl TH-2000S Tom Holders
2x   Pearl AX-25 Adapters (revolving)
6x   Pearl CH-1000 Cymbal Holders
2x   Pearl CH-1030 Cymbal Holders
1x   Pearl S-2000 Snare Stand
1x   Pearl D-1000C Drum Throne

Rack System:

1x   Pearl DR-501E
2x   Pearl DR-501C
2x   Pearl DR-501CE
3x   Pearl RJ-100 RackJoint
2x   Pearl DR-100 Removable Leg
3x   Pearl PCX-200 Clamps
4x   Pearl PCL-100 Pipe Clamps
12x Pearl PCX-100 Clamps


1x Pearl Eliminator P-3002D Demon Drive (main, Eliminator Quad beaters)
1x Pearl Eliminator P-3002D Demon Drive (spare, Eliminator Quad beaters)
2x Pearl Eliminator RH-2000 Remote HiHat


Balbex Whorion signature series Premium Hickory
Balbex G2B Germany Premium Hickory


2x Roland TM-2 drum module
Roland RT-10K or RT-30K kick triggers
Roland RT-10T single shot trigger on snare for in-ear system